Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sony Ericson Walkman Phone Price and Features

Sony Ericson has launched its latest Walkmans phones with featured songs from TV's hit series "Glee". You will surely enjoy these Walkman phones as it comes with Glee cast's version of "Listen".

For every purchase of Sony Erison W8, Sony Ericson Spiro, Sony Ericson Yendo and Sony ericson Zylo will also entitles the buyers to have the free original Glee shirt.

Sony Eriscon W8 First android phone
3" Full Touchscreen
3.2 Megapixel camera
Free 4GB MicrosSD card
Price: Php 7,990
Sony Ericson Spiro 2Megapixel camera
Walkman Player
Track ID
Free 2GB MicroSD card
Price: Php 2,990
Sony Ericson Yendo Full touchscreen
2.6" display
2Megapixel camera
Free 2GB MicroSD card
Price: Php 3,990
Sony Ericson Zylo 3Megapixel camera
Walkman player
Track ID
Free 2GB MicroSD card
Price: Php 4,990

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