Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Genealogy Work

On Feburary 2011, I started working on our genealogy and I can't explain the joy it brings me. I was able to obtain the names and other details of my ancestors who have died. I believe that it is my responsibility to find them and preserve our family history. I used two websites - and to help me find them.


I asked my living relatives for the information I needed and as soon as they found out that I am doing our genealogy they cooperated without hesitations.

Some of them are still in my memory... I can still remember their names and faces...
I know many of them are now waiting for me, to be on my list...

I want my ancestors to know how much I love them and how they are important to me. Working our family history is a great opportunity to know them and meet them by heart. I did not get a chance to meet some of them but this great work allows me to do so.

As the song says "Families can be together forever...", I know that the heaven will cooperate and help me fulfill this marvelous work.

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