Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Lunch Today!

I am on a diet today so I brought my muesli cereals here in the office for my lunch. But the muesli diet has gone... our managers treat us for lunch. We ordered 1 big bilao of Spaghetti at Amber's Golden Plate Restaurant and 2 boxes of 20" Thin Crust Shakey's Pizza (Shakey's Special and Managers Choice).

Amber's Special Spaghetti
I enjoyed the yummy pinoy style spaghetti from Amber's, it's my all time favorite!

Shakeys Managers Choice Pizza
The Shakey's Managers Choice and Shakey's Special Pizza taste the same. Both pizza is loaded with ham, beef, italian sausage, green bell pepper and onions. They just added mushroom pieces on the Shakey's Special.

The pizza was too salty for me but how can I complaint when it's FREE... so I end up eating 2 slices of Pizza and full plate of spaghetti.

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