Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kumon Learning Center

I have heard lots of good feedback about Kumon. Last year, I inquired in Kumon - Bonifacio High Street Center if I can enroll my son but they said he is too young (he is 1 1/2 years old that time). I really want to help my son bring out his potential so I am planning to enroll him next summer.


Kumon is a math and reading enrichment program. This is different from a class-room type that we are used to, students work on their own by mastering the materials before moving on to the next lesson. Tutors are there to assist the students in developing their mathematical and reasoning skills. They said mastering is defined as speed and accuracy.

Mathematics curriculum

* Level 7A: Counting to 10
* Level 6A: Counting to 30
* Level 5A: Line drawing, number puzzles to 50
* Level 4A: Reciting and writing numbers up to 220
* Level 3A: Adding with numbers up to 5
* Level 2A: Adding with numbers up to 10, subtracting with numbers up to 9
* Level A: Horizontal addition and subtraction of larger numbers
* Level B: Vertical addition and subtraction
* Level C: Multiplication, division
* Level D: Long multiplication, long division, introduction to fractions
* Level E: Fractions
* Level F: Four operations of fractions, decimals
* Level G: Positive/negative numbers, exponents, introduction to algebra
* Level H: Linear/simultaneous equations, inequalities, functions and graphs
* Level I: Factorization, square roots, quadratic equations, Pythagorean theorem
* Level J: Advanced algebra
* Level K: Functions: Quadratic, fractional, irrational, exponential
* Level L: Logarithms, basic limits, derivatives, integrals, and its applications
* Level M: Trigonometry, straight lines, equation of circles.
* Level N: Loci, limits of functions, sequences, differentiation
* Level O: Advanced differentiation, integration, applications of calculus, differential equations.
* Level X is an elective level; also, there are no tests available yet on this level.
o Level XT—Triangles: Sine, cosine theorems, application of trigonometry in area
o Level XV—Vectors: Vectors, inner products, equations of lines, planes, and figures in 3-space.
o Level XM—Linear algebra: Matrices, determinant, mapping, linear transformation
o Level XP—Probability: Permutations, combinations, probability, independent trials, expected value
o Level XS—Statistics: Binomial and normal distributions, probability density functions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing

Reading curriculum

* Level 7A: Connecting words to familiar objects, saying words with the same sound, putting words together
* Level 6A: Recognizing familiar words, rhyming words, rhyming phrases, rhyming poems
* Level 5A: Phonics, lettering, step-by-step stories
* Level 4A: Consonant combinations, changing letter sounds
* Level 3A: Vowel combinations, compound words
* Level 2A: Functions of words (noun, verbs, adjectives), reading aloud
* Level AI: Simple sentences, basic expressions, vocabulary
* Level AII: Reading comprehension, writing skills, thought sequence, vocabulary
* Level BI: Subject and predicate, modifiers (adverbs and adjectives), conjugating irregular verbs and plural nouns, vocabulary
* Level BII: Defining words, identifying ideas, comparing and contrasting, vocabulary
* Level CI: Parts of a sentence, expressions of language, constructing sentences, vocabulary
* Level CII: Elements of statements, organizing information, synthesizing ideas, vocabulary
* Level DI: Compound and complex sentences, statements from paragraphs, vocabulary
* Level DII: Topic, main idea, understanding paragraphs, vocabulary
* Level EI: Clauses, direct and indirect speech, graphing and charting, vocabulary
* Level EII: Sequence and imagery, underlining, reason and result, vocabulary
* Level FI: Referring words, interpreting text, responding to questions, vocabulary
* Level FII: Unraveling text, recounting story events, concision, vocabulary
* Level G: Point making, theme, story elements, summary
* Level H: Facts and opinions, passage organization, interpretation of language, summation
* Level I: Persuasion, argument, description, precis
* Level J: Critical reading, passage structure, character analysis
* Level K: Plot, setting and atmosphere, irony, comedy, content evaluation
* Level L: Figurative language, interpretation, tragedy, critical writing

Metro Manila Kumon Learning Center

1. Caloocan

5th Avenue (Howard Tower) Center
Address: Unit 119 G/F Howard Tower #92 N. Carpio St., Grace Park Caloocan City
Contact Number: (632) 330-4691
Instructor: Maria Liza D. Recio
Subjects: Math / Reading

A. Mabini Caloocan Center
Address: 2/F Corazon Building, 432 A. Mabini Street, Caloocan City
Contact Number: (632) 287-4063 / (632) 390-5747 / (0927) 575-7167
Instructor: Christiannne Marie J. Tandiama
Subjects: Math / Reading

Camarin Study Center
Address: Unit 1 AMJR Arcade Susano Rd, C AMarin, Caloocan City
Contact Number: (632) 377-8418 / (632) 871-5819
Instructor: Edralin M. Caro
Subjects: Math / Reading

Grace Park Caloocan Center
Address: 162 Madre Ignacia Ave., Caloocan City
Contact Number: (632) 367-0009
Instructor: Sherryl Anne G. Quito
Subjects: Math / Reading

2. Malabon

Concepcion Malabon Center
Address: 2/F Doman Bldg. #284 Gen. Luna St., Concepcion, (atop Metrobank near the church, fronting MK Options) Malabon City
Contact Number: (632) 448-3885 / (0922) 846-2487
Instructor: Catherine B. Esperanza
Subjects: Math / Reading

Malabon (Mc Arthur) Learning Center
Address: # 86 E Jade Bldg. Mc Arthur Highway Malabon City
Contact Number: (632) 362-3412
Instructor: Anna Marie M. Cheng
Subjects: Math / Reading

3. Marikina

A. Tuazon (Marikina) Center
Address: Unit 4, Thaddeus Arcade A. Tuazon Ave., San Roque Marikina City
Contact Number: (632) 369-7840
Instructor: Rommel B. Escoto
Subjects: Math / Reading

J.P Rizal (Lamuan) Marikina City Center
Address: 3rd floor 2RI Bldg. 731 J.P Rizal St., Lamuan, Malanday, Marikina City
Contact Number: (632) 942-25-88
Instructor: Jocelyn C. Santos, D.M.D.
Subjects: Math / Reading

Marikina Angels' Learning Center
Address: #23 Russet St. SSS Village, Marikina City
Contact Number: (632) 475-0960
Instructor: Arlene R. Coquia
Subjects: Math / Reading

Marikina Heights Center
Address: 2/F Building 1 C & B Circle Mall Liwasang Kalayaan St., Marikina Heigths Marikina City
Contact Number: (632) 940-4891
Instructor: Arlita R. Salazar
Subjects: Math / Reading

Provident (Marikina) Center
Address: Stall M, Dominguez Stalls Saint Mary Street, Provident Village, Tañong Marikina City
Contact Number: (632) 341-7783
Instructor: Aileen C. De Vera
Subjects: Math/Reading

4. Pasay

Edsa-Pasay Center
Address: Ground Flr, Nova Star Building #88 Don Benito Hernandez St., cor FB Harrison St., Pasay City
Contact Number: (632) 659-8933
Instructor: Maria Agnes F. Santos
Subjects: Math / Reading

Skills Builder (Vill AMor) Center
Address: P1-10 Manlunas St., Vill AMor Airbase, Pasay City
Contact Number: (632) 853-6987
Instructor: Rosa Nieva A. Abalon
Subjects: Math / Reading

5. Quezon City

Capitol Site Center
Address: UG Unit 10 Diliman Commercial Center #46 Commonwealth Avenue, Capitol Site (Convergy's Bldg. beside St. Peter Parish) Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 474-4030 / (632) 351-8199
Instructor: Ana Maria Zheena M. Eleria
Subjects: Math/Reading

Celebrity Center
Address: Celebrity Sports Club Capitol Hills Drive, Diliman Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 932-8757 / (632) 577-4394 / (0927) 391-7092
Instructor: Anjanette R. De Leon
Subjects: Math / Reading

Commonwealth Center
Address: 2/F Berkeley Square Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 951-2161
Instructor: Eileen R. Cruz
Subjects: Math / Reading

Congressional-Visayas Ave. Center
Address: Northridge Plaza # 12 Congressional Ave., Brgy Bahay Toro Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 489-7011 / (632) 697-4152
Instructor: Corazon C. Cabral, M.D.
Subjects: Math / Reading

Counting Bee Learning Center
Address: #58 Lanzones St, Brgy 2B Quirino District, Project 2 Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 921-1163
Instructor: Eleanor R. Redor
Subjects: Math / Reading

D. Tuazon (Ma. Clara) Center
Address: #114-B D. Tuazon cor Ma. Clara St. Sta. Mesa Heights Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 415-7357 / (632) 434-1721
Instructor: Aileen R. Narciso
Subjects: Math / Reading

Del Monte Avenue Center
Address: 170 Del Monte Avenue Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 414-3961
Instructor: Susan G. Buendia
Subjects: Math / Reading

Don Antonio Heights Center
Address: 2/F Don Antonio Sports Complex Holy Spirit Drive cor. Don Jose St., Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 428-4268
Instructor: Marissa C. Angnged
Subjects: Math / Reading

Doña Josefa Center
Address: 77-D Cordillera St., Brgy. Doña Josefa, Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 447-9562
Instructor: Rosanna R. Libunao
Subjects: Math / Reading

E. Rodriguez-Cubao Center
Address: RM 201 Rasver Bldg., #424 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Brgy. Immaculate Conception, Cubao Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 722-9606
Instructor: Sonia S. Reyes
Subjects: Math / Reading

Early Steps Center
Address: #44 Sunrise Hill, New Manila, Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 724-3526
Instructor: Lindane Jocyline A. Palanca
Subjects: Math / Reading

Eastwood Center
Address: 2/F Magnitude Bldg., 186 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Contact Number: / (632) 634-3631
Instructor: Ma. Carmen T. Fineza
Subjects: Math / Reading

Fairview-Lagro Center
Address: G/F Metrobank Fairview Commonwealth cor Winston St., East Fairview Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 428-3035 / (632) 468-9244
Instructor: Gloria C. Patungan
Subjects: Math / Reading

Grace Christian College Center
Address: Grace Christian Highschool Center Sto. Domingo St, Grace Village Quezon City
Contact Number: / (632) 480-2491
Instructor: Daisy Ku
Subjects: Math

Greenmeadows Center
Address: 76 Greenmeadows Ave., Libis, Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 439-1619 / 0917-813-4888
Instructor: Marie Geraldine Y. Claravall
Subjects: Math / Reading

Loyola Heights-Xavierville Center
Address: 2/F MQI Center, #42 Esteban Abada cor Rosa Alvero St. Loyola Heights Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 426-0007 / (0917) 815-8666
Instructor: Victor Emmanuel S. Claravall II
Subjects: Math / Reading

Mindanao Avenue Center
Address: Unit 2C 26 C&E Building, Mindanao Avenue Quezon City (Infront of Our Lady Of Annunciation Parish)
Contact Number: (632) 425-5442
Instructor: Ann Margaret Dayoc
Subjects: Math / Reading

Novaliches Center
Address: Unit 202 CI Plaza Zabarte Road cor Quirino Highway, Novaliches Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 418-7112 / (632) 468-9244
Instructor: Welfredo R. Patungan
Subjects: Math / Reading

PMC Learning Center
Address: #27 Queensville cor Joey Lane St. White Plain Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 911-4813 / (632) 439-3706 / (632) 439-6955 (fax)
Instructor: Mebrahtu Z. Tesfazghi
Subjects: Math / Reading

Project 4 Center
Address: 2/F Metrolane Complex 20th Ave cor P. Tuazon St., Project 4 Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 437-2448 / (632) 468-9244
Instructor: Gloria C. Patungan
Subjects: Math / Reading

Roosevelt-Pantranco Center
Address: Room 216 Tres Hermanas Bldg. 967 Quezon Ave cor Roosevelt Ave. Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 372-6421 / (632) 215-1089 / 0922-897-3107
Instructor: Maria Teresa F. Ignacio
Subjects: Math / Reading

San Bartolome Center
Address: 2/F RMJ Bldg. 721 Quirino Highway cor Diamond St., San Bartolome, Novaliches Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 400-7604
Instructor: Gemma H. Robles
Subjects: Math / Reading

Sangandaan Novaliches Center
Address: 3/F Rm. 302 MJ Bldg., 375 Quirino Highway Talipapa, Novaliches Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 806-2179 / (632) 983-8460
Instructor: Raniza A. Acabado
Subjects: Math / Reading

Scout Area Center
Address: Rm. 306 MJB Bldg., 220 Tomas Morato Ave., cor. Dr. Lazcano St, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 441-1199
Instructor: Ma. Estela D. Banson
Subjects: Math / Reading

Teacher's Village Center
Address: #107 Maginhawa St, Teachers' Village, East Diliman Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 436-3702
Instructor: Caleen T. Chanyungco
Subjects: Math / Reading

West Avenue Center
Address: Unit 8 Ground Floor, Carbal Building #68 West Ave, Brgy West Triangle, Quezon City
Contact Number: (632) 374-5041 / (0917) 823-1668
Instructor: Stephen R. Lim
Subjects: Math / Reading

6. Valenzuela

Gen. T. De Leon Center
Address: Unit E, A. Commercial Bldg. Gen. T. De Leon St Valenzuela City
Contact Number: (632) 277-5689
Instructor: Lorelie Mariano M. Lucido
Subjects: Math / Reading

Paso De Blas (Valenzuela) Center
Address: Unit 16, CYT Building, 180 Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City
Contact Number: (632) 348-9925
Instructor: Anna Luisa Miranda dela Cruz
Subjects: Math / Reading

Valenzuela Center
Address: Unit 1-6, 2/F Miranda Bldg. Mc Arthur Hi-Way, Malinta Valenzuela City
Contact Number: (632) 291-2951 / (632) 277-3331
Instructor: Ma. Teresa V. Santos
Subjects: Math / Reading

7. Las Piñas

BF Resort Village Center
Address: Unit 207-208 VRR Plaza Bldg. BF Resort Drive, BF Resort Village Las Piñas City
Contact Number: (632) 874-6992
Instructor: Diana B. Sargan
Subjects: Math / Reading

J. Aguilar (CAA Rd.) Center
Address: Unit 2E Fenina Bldg. 6750 CAA Rd., Pulang Lupa Las Piñas City
Contact Number: (632) 622-1294
Instructor: Ma. Cecilia B. Villanueva
Subjects: Math/Reading

Manuela Center
Address: Units 9 & 11 Elena Bldg., #21 Rosal St., Doña Manuela Subd., Pamplona III Las Piñas City
Contact Number: (632) 873-6359
Instructor: Ma. Gina H. Hernandez
Subjects: Math / Reading

Marcos Alvarez-Las Piñas Center
Address: Block 3 Lot 9 Veraville 3 Marcos Alvarez Ave. Las Piñas City
Contact Number: (632) 801-7610 / 0928-5524919
Instructor: Maria Cristina C. Limcaco
Subjects: Math / Reading

Pilar Village Center
Address: 2/F AMFIN Bldg. #27 Rose Ave, Pilar Village Las Piñas City
Contact Number: (632) 806-5360
Instructor: Remedios S. Macarandang
Subjects: Math / Reading

8. Mandaluyong

Bright Site (Boni) Learning Center
Address: 2/F Unit C-D # 373 Boni Ave. Brgy Mal AMig Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: (632) 535-3757
Instructor: Marcia Josefina P. De Luna
Subjects: Math / Reading

New Zañiga (Mandaluyong) Center
Address: Rosmax Bldg. 475 Boni Ave., New Zañiga Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: (632) 533-9939
Instructor: Aileen Jo S. Valbuena
Subjects: Math / Reading

Shaw/Wack-Wack Learning Center
Address: 2/F W. Brown Bldg. #6 Shaw Blvd cor S. Laurel St. Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: (632) 718-0250
Instructor: Roanna Lynn G. Santos
Subjects: Math / Reading

9. Muntinlupa

Alabang Hills Center
Address: 2/F One Legacy Place Don Jesus Blvd cor Kentucky Drive Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (632) 809-7490
Instructor: Herminia Elise L. Taca
Subjects: Math / Reading

Alabang Town Center
Address: 3/F New Wing, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (632) 809-9744
Instructor: Gemma Teresa Cruz Ocampo
Subjects: Math / Reading

Molito Center
Address: Unit 3 2nd Floor, Molito Commercial Complex Alabang-Zapote Rd corner Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (632) 842-6435
Instructor: Emilene G. Juane
Subjects: Math / Reading

Putatan (Muntinlupa) Center
Address: DLA 1 Building, Unit 206, National Highway, Putatan, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: 861-6911
Instructor: Denise O. Balangitao
Subjects: Math

The Learning Child School
Address: # 111 Cordillera St, Ayala Alabang Village Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (632) 809-2640
Instructor: Carolyn Anne Michelle G. Latonio
Subjects: Math / Reading

Tunasan Center
Address: 2/F Larychean Building, National Road, Tunasan, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (632) 862-2147
Instructor: Alma V. Cruz
Subjects: Math / Reading

10. Pasig

East Kapitolyo Learning Center
Address: Mezzanine Floor, Praxedes Place #5 East Kapitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City
Contact Number: (632) 634-2748
Instructor: Joseph S. Rocero
Subjects: Math / Reading

Kapasigan Center
Address: 2F NGR Building # 10 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Kapasigan Pasig City
Contact Number: (632) 640-3480 / (632) 425-5343 / (632) 359-0131
Instructor: Melody C. Zabale
Subjects: Math / Reading

Mercedes - C. Raymundo Center
Address: 2nd Floor Global Star Building 102 C. Raymundo Avenue Pasig City
Contact Number: (632) 643-6703
Instructor: Cynthia Z. Austria
Subjects: Math / Reading

Ortigas (Garnet Road) Center
Address: Unit 23 G/F AIC Grande Tower Garnet Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City
Contact Number: (632) 706-0986
Instructor: Maria Teresita Z. Domingo
Subjects: Math / Reading

Riverside Drive (Pasig) Center
Address: 2nd Floor Prudential Building, Ortigas Extension corner Riverside Drive, Barangay Sta. Lucia, 1608 Pasig City
Contact Number: 480-1021 / 748-1848 (Telefax) / 0922-8145630
Instructor: Aida B. Flores
Subjects: Math / Reading

Santolan (Pasig) Center
Address: Unit 414 AD Center Square Evangelista cor A. Rodriguez St., Santolan Pasig City
Contact Number: (632) 682-1448
Instructor: Marrietta I. Severino
Subjects: Math / Reading

Valle Verde 6 Center
Address: #22 A. Beetle St Valle Verde 6 Pasig City
Contact Number: (632) 635-2038
Instructor: Nieves Trinidad H. Dionisio
Subjects: Math / Reading

11. San Juan

Connecticut (San Juan) Center
Address: 3F #59 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan (Design Mix Bldg.)
Contact Number: 727-9285
Instructor: Stephanie L. Sy
Subjects: Math

F. Blumentritt (San Juan) Center
Address: 2/F Glialcon Bldg. II # 5 F. Blumentritt St. San Juan
Contact Number: (632) 724-2522 / (632) 346-6470
Instructor: Raissa L. Sio
Subjects: Math / Reading

Greenhills Christian Study Center
Address: Unit 5B & 6B Ash Creek Center Ortigas Ave cor Madison Ave, Greenhills, San Juan
Contact Number: (632) 722-9413 / (632) 722-9415
Instructor: Ma. Prima B. Quizon
Subjects: Math / Reading

Pasadena Learning Center
Address: G/F 207 Asia Crest Bldg. M. Paterno St. San Juan
Contact Number: (632) 721-5119 / (632) 724-9127
Instructor: Hazel P. Villonco
Subjects: Math / Reading

Wilson Center
Address: Unit 8 3/F Promenade Bldg. 198 Wilson St. San Juan
Contact Number: (632) 726-3438
Instructor: Margarita Michelle H. Tanjuatco
Subjects: Math / Reading

12. Makati

Allons Enfants Study Center
Address: 15 San Pablo St. Magallanes Village Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 853-0402
Instructor: Shirley W. Chen
Subjects: Math / Reading

Batangas/Finlandia - Makati Center
Address: Rm. 901 Emilia Bldg. #1299 Batangas cor Finlandia St. Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 710-8058
Instructor: Jocelyn Dorothy A. Fua
Subjects: Math / Reading

Dela Rosa Center
Address: G/F Jose Cojuangco & Sons Bldg. #119 Dela Rosa St, Legaspi Village Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 810-8997 / (632) 810-8890
Instructor: Ma. Margarita R. Reyes
Subjects: Math / Reading

J. P. Rizal Makati Center
Address: Unit 2-3 2/F Doña Juanita Bldg., 9510 Taguig St, cor J.P. Rizal St., Brgy. Valenzuela Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 729-7090
Instructor: Jonnaluz B. Arañas
Subjects: Math / Reading

Kamagong (San Antonio) Center
Address: Suite 3A-1 Akle Square Bldg. #9532 Akle St (off K AMagong St.), San Antonio Village Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 890-1930 / (632) 853-0141
Instructor: Prisha K. Chugani
Subjects: Math / Reading

Metro Manila Center
Address: 6/F Dominion Bldg., 833 Arnaiz Ave., (Pasay Road), Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 817-8761 / 894-1447 (Fax) / 0917-8179518
Instructor: Kaoru T. Cumagun
Subjects: Math / Reading

Rockwell - Poblacion Center
Address: G/F Prit House Gloria cor Enriquez St., Poblacion Makati City (near Kalayaan Ave, and Makati High School)
Contact Number: (632) 622-2964
Instructor: Jasmin U. Reyes
Subjects: Math

Salcedo Village Center
Address: Unit 204 2/F Three Salcedo Place Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 889-6747
Instructor: Abigael Lavares
Subjects: Math / Reading

13. Manila

Bacood Achievers' Center
Address: 244-C Bacood St., Bacood Sta. Mesa Manila
Contact Number: (632) 487-7035
Instructor: Marites D. Mangabat
Subjects: Math / Reading

Gagalangin Tondo Center
Address: Unit A-2 & A-3 Alicia Bldg. #2356 Juan Luna St, Gagalangin, Tondo Manila
Contact Number: (632) 255-6979
Instructor: Ma. Lourdes M. Tizon
Subjects: Math / Reading

LNST (Masangkay) Learning Center
Address: Unit 12 Broadview Tower B Mayhaligue cor Masangkay St., Tondo Manila
Contact Number: (632) 559-6005 / (632) 559-9133 / (632) 371-3210
Instructor: Susie T. Tsoi
Subjects: Math / Reading

LNST Binondo Kumon Center
Address: #1416 State Centre Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila
Contact Number: (632) 245-7193 / (632) 371-3210 / (632) 241-6813
Instructor: Susie T. Tsoi
Subjects: Math / Reading

Pandacan Center
Address: #1128 Teodora San Luis, Pandacan Manila
Contact Number: (632) 589-0572
Instructor: Divina Lourdes B. Roxas
Subjects: Math / Reading

Pedro Gil Center
Address: 1717 - A Pedro Gil St. Paco Manila
Contact Number: (632) 564-7541 / (632) 861-0817
Instructor: Nelia Z. Santiago
Subjects: Math / Reading

Roxas Blvd Center
Address: Rm. 406 VIP Bldg. 1140 Roxas Blvd, Brgy 667 Zone 072, Ermita Manila
Contact Number: (632) 522-9193
Instructor: Amy B. Macanaya
Subjects: Math / Reading

Sampaloc Center
Address: Lacson cor Earnshaw St. S AMpaloc (near UST) Manila
Contact Number: (632) 741-4888
Instructor: Evelyn C. Baysa
Subjects: Math / Reading

San Miguel Center
Address: 1564 J.P. Laurel cor Matienza St. (Mezzanine Level, Little Presidents Learning Place) San Miguel Manila
Contact Number: (632) 736-1292
Instructor: Maria Lorna P. Mina
Subjects: Math / Reading

Sta. Mesa Center
Address: 443-C Santol St. corner R. Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa (in front of Discovery) Manila
Contact Number: (632) 716-2198
Instructor: Jennifer V. Jose
Subjects: Math / Reading

Vito Cruz-St. Scholastica Center
Address: 6/F Penthouse Mervin Terraces 980 Vito Cruz cor Singalong Sts., Malate Manila
Contact Number: (632) 525-5308
Instructor: Mary Anne Grace G. Bocobo
Subjects: Math / Reading

14. Parañaque

Better Living Center
Address: 44-P. Doña Soledad Ave. Betterliving Subd. Parañaque City
Contact Number: (632) 822-1405
Instructor: Carol S. Bautista
Subjects: Math / Reading

BF Homes President Ave. Center
Address: Penthouse Lip AM Properties & Devt Corp. No. 58 President Ave., BF Homes Parañaque City
Contact Number: / (632) 659-2612 / (0917) 845-8666
Instructor: Cynthia R. Dizon
Subjects: Math / Reading

BF Homes-Aguirre Center
Address: 340 Aguirre cor El Grande Ave. BF Homes Parañaque City
Contact Number: (632) 239-4942 / (632) 701-6383
Instructor: Esperanza P. Yu
Subjects: Math / Reading

La Huerta Center
Address: 2/F Courtyard Mall 421 Quirino Ave., La Huerta Parañaque City
Contact Number: (632) 701-4353
Instructor: Arlene C. Abad
Subjects: Math / Reading

Levitown-2 Center
Address: 50-D Russia St. Brgy. Don Bosco Parañaque City
Contact Number: (632) 467-3365
Instructor: Catherine S. Uminga
Subjects: Math / Reading

Merville Center
Address: #32 Washington St., Merville Park, Parañaque City
Contact Number: (632) 787-3579
Instructor: Rosalyn V. Reyno
Subjects: Math / Reading

Multinational Learning Center
Address: Lot 17 Blk 4, Jerusalem St Multinational Village Parañaque City
Contact Number: (632) 824-4707 (telefax)
Instructor: Ma. Luisa L. Miller
Subjects: Math / Reading

Sucat Road Center
Address: Units A & B, Permarc Bldg. #8219 Dr. A Santos Ave. (Sucat Rd), San Isidro Parañaque City
Contact Number: (632) 829-6291
Instructor: Emerlyn S. Ferrer
Subjects: Math / Reading

United Hills Center
Address: 2161A Narra St. United Hills-1 San Martin De Porres, Parañaque City
Contact Number: (632) 542 1420 / (632) 822 3987
Instructor: Minerva Conchita L. Tan
Subjects: Math / Reading

15. Pateros

Pateros Center
Address: Unit 8 Paulina Bldg. 162 M. Almeda St, Brgy San Roque Pateros
Contact Number: (632) 642-8095
Instructor: Maria Monette O. Papa
Subjects: Math / Reading

16. Taguig

Bayani Road (Taguig) Center
Address: 2D Amber Place, 19 MRT Ave. Fort Bonifacio Taguig City
Contact Number: (632) 856-5448
Instructor: Maria Belinda V. Cansana
Subjects: Math / Reading

Bonifacio High Street Center
Address: Units 203-204 2/F Building 2 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City Taguig City
Contact Number: (632) 856-2281 / (632) 856-2282
Instructor: Christine Grace G. Villar AMa
Subjects: Math / Reading

Esteban School Center
Address: Esteban School Nutrition Center Compound 2335 Chino Roces Ave., (formerly Pasong Tamo Ext.) Taguig City
Contact Number: (632) 844-9913 / (632) 844-9915
Instructor: Christine E. Norton
Subjects: Math / Reading

Lakeview (Ususan) Center
Address: 11 Bagong Calzada, Lakeview Manors Arcade, Ususan, Taguig City
Contact Number: (632) 703-2606
Instructor: Ruth Anne Benga Lopez
Subjects: Math / Reading

Luzon Kumon Learning Center

1. Bataan

Balanga Learning Center
Address: 2/F Gonzalez-Jimenez Building, A. Banzon Street, Balanga City, Bataan
Contact Number: (047) 237-4193
Instructor: Ernani P. Paeldon
Subjects: Math/Reading

2. Camarines Norte

F. Pimentel Avenue (Daet) Center
Address: 2nd Floor. Soriano Building, F. Pimentel St., Daet, Camarines Norte
Contact Number: (054) 731-0588 / (054) 721-0588
Instructor: Maribel De Leon Moog
Subjects: Math

3. Laguna

A. Mabini (San Pedro) Center
Address: ETG Business Center, A. Mabini St. Brgy. Poblacion San Pedro Laguna
Contact Number: (632) 692-1059
Instructor: Alana Margarita R. Hernandez
Subjects: Math / Reading

Biñan Center
Address: Ammar Commercial Center, National Highway Brgy Sto. Domingo Biñan Laguna
Contact Number: (049) 511-5000 / (02) 568-7066
Instructor: Elaine E. Borlongan
Subjects: Math / Reading

Cabuyao Center
Address: 2/F Rojjula 4-M Bldg., F.B. Bailon St., Rosario Village, Sala, Cabuyao, Laguna 4025
Contact Number: (049) 576-2135 / (049) 531-1577
Instructor: Christine Naida N. Katigbak
Subjects: Math / Reading

Calamba Crossing Center
Address: Morning Star Montessori Villa Zenaida M.H. del Pilar St Calamba Laguna
Contact Number: (049) 526-1505 / (049) 545-2597
Instructor: Elaine F. Sison
Subjects: Math / Reading

Calamba Learning Center
Address: Unit 1A-1B Hectan Commerical Center Halang National Hi-way Calamba Laguna
Contact Number: (049) 545-0885
Instructor: Tricia C. Chavez
Subjects: Math / Reading

Canlubang (Calamba) Center
Address: 149 Don Bosco St., Mayapa, Laguna
Contact Number: (049) 576-5442 / (0915) 879-9050
Instructor: Emeruth H. Aguilar
Subjects: Math

Los Baños Learning Center
Address: Unit 2 Southmall Plaza Agapita Commercial Complex Sylvio Lopez Los Baños Laguna
Contact Number: (049) 536-7096
Instructor: Criselda N. Nato
Subjects: Math / Reading

Paseo de Sta. Rosa
Address: 3rd Floor Unit 303 & 305 Humana Wellness Center, Tagaytay Road Sta. Rosa Laguna
Contact Number: (049) 508-0878
Instructor: Jennifer B. Gaspar
Subjects: Math / Reading

San Pablo City Center
Address: Mabini Ext. Corner Dizon St., San Pablo City
Contact Number: (049) 562-1955
Instructor: Leah Aurora T. Alvero
Subjects: Math / Reading

San Pedro Center
Address: 2/F Bldg. 1, Plaza Pacita Pacita Complex San Pedro Laguna
Contact Number: (632) 847-4702 / (632) 869-1713 (fax)
Instructor: Purita G. Blanco
Subjects: Math / Reading

Sta. Rosa, Laguna Center
Address: Level 2, Space 106 Robinsons Sta. Rosa Market Brgy. Tagapo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Contact Number: (049) 534-4292
Instructor: Arlene H. Edaño
Subjects: Math / Reading

4. Nueva Ecija

Gapan Learning Center
Address: Km 94 Maharlika Highway, Bucana Gapan City Nueva Ecija 3105
Contact Number: (044) 486-9360
Instructor: Anna T. Cruz
Subjects: Math / Reading

San Jose Nueva Ecija Center
Address: 3rd Floor Reg-Mel Bldg. Bonifacio St. San Jose City Nueva Ecija 3105
Contact Number: (044) 940-1262
Instructor: Elaine D.C. Carandang
Subjects: Math/Reading

5. Pangasinan

Tapuac (Dagupan City) Center
Address: 2flr. Jem Bldg.,Mac Arthur Hi-Way, Tapuac District, Dagupan City, Pangasinan
Contact Number: (075) 696-0041
Instructor: Arlene B. Catapang
Subjects: Math and Reading

Urdaneta Study Center
Address: S&P North Building, Nancayasan, MacArthur Highway, Urdaneta City Pangasinan
Contact Number: (075) 568-5579 / (922) 884-4481
Instructor: Larilyn Dulatre Gatchallan
Subjects: Math / Reading

6. Tarlac

San Sebastian Tarlac Center
Address: S.G. David Blvd. (formerly Getha Road) San Sebastian Phase III Tarlac City
Contact Number: (918) 911-9630
Instructor: Maria Sarah Sirikit R. Dungca
Subjects: Math / Reading

Sto. Rosario (Capas) Center
Address: Mayuyu Building, Sto. Cristo St., Brgy. Sto. Rosario, Capas, Tarlac City
Contact Number: (999) 177-1446
Instructor: Pia Angeli Montes Rosaldo
Subjects: Math

Tarlac Center
Address: G/F LC Bldg. McArthur Highway, Brgy San Roque Tarlac City 2300
Contact Number: (045) 493-1020
Instructor: Audrey L. Tan
Subjects: Math / Reading

7. Batangas

Balayan (Batangas) Center
Address: 158 Antorcha St. Balayan Batangas
Contact Number: (043) 211-6583
Instructor: Maria Rowena Rodriguez Maglunog
Subjects: Math / Reading

Batangas City Center
Address: 3/F RL Bldg. cor P. Burgos and D. Silang St. Batangas City
Contact Number: (043) 300-1800 / (043) 722-2291
Instructor: Criscell T. UbAMos
Subjects: Math / Reading

Lipa Learning Center
Address: 2/F JR Business Complex J.P. Laurel Highway, Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City Batangas
Contact Number: (043) 757-3893 / 0918-945-7195
Instructor: Victoria Margaret F. Tibayan
Subjects: Math / Reading

Marauoy (Lipa) Center
Address: 2F JM Building, J.P. Laurel Highway, Marauoy, Lipa City
Contact Number: (043) 313-3855
Instructor: Rachelle Q. Macaranas
Subjects: Math

Rosario (Batangas) Center
Address: 2/F Subido Arcade Carandang St. Brgy. D. Rosario Batangas
Contact Number: (043) 321-3908
Instructor: Lea Marie U. Chan
Subjects: Math / Reading

San Juan (Batangas) Center
Address: 2F Masper Bldg., Gen. Luna St., Poblacion, San Juan 4226 Batangas 4226
Contact Number: (043) 575-5259
Instructor: Minerva S Magisa
Subjects: Math / Reading

Stonyhurst 2 Center
Address: Stonyhurst School, Brgy Pallocan East Batangas City
Contact Number: (043) 723-3595 loc 105
Instructor: Sharon Fabaliña
Subjects: Math / Reading

Tanauan (Batangas) Center
Address: Mezzanine Floor, EMIR Commercial Center J.P. Laurel Highway (Beside BPI) Tanuan City 4232
Contact Number: (043) 778-6445
Instructor: Angelie S. Ticatic
Subjects: Math / Reading

8. Cabanatuan

Cabanatuan Center
Address: GTD Maharlika Hi-way near Rural Bank of San Leonardo Cabanatuan City
Contact Number: (044) 464-3184
Instructor: Emmie R. Dela Cruz
Subjects: Math / Reading

9. Cavite

Bacoor Center
Address: 238-240 Maraudi Bldg Aguinaldo Highway, Niog 2 Bacoor Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 417-3880
Instructor: Evangelene O. Rodelas
Subjects: Math / Reading

Bulihan (Silang) Center
Address: 2nd Floor, JVCC Bldg., Lot 13, Block 141, Governor's Drive, Bulihan, Silang, Cavite 4118
Contact Number: (046) 852-4487 / 0915-656-1878
Instructor: Fatimah Vida M. Miranda
Subjects: Math

Carmona Center
Address: Brgy. Mabuhay Blk. 5 Lot 6 Macaria Bus. Ctr., Governor's Drive Carmona, Cavite 4116
Contact Number: (02) 861-0944
Instructor: Jennifer G. Boado
Subjects: Math / Reading

Cavite City Center
Address: Gueray Bldg. cor Lopez Jaena and Molina Sts., Caridad Cavite City
Contact Number: (046) 431-4803
Instructor: Ma. Christina Tarhata S. Trajano
Subjects: Math / Reading

Dasmariñas (Cavite) Center
Address: Leveriza Bldg., (bet. BPI & Furniture World) Aguinaldo Highway Dasmariñas City
Contact Number: (046) 416-5929
Instructor: Archangel B. Nacion
Subjects: Math / Reading

Gen. Trias Center
Address: 2/F Oriental Garden Residences (Beside Waltermart Manggahan) Governor's Drive, Manggahan, Gen. Trias, Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 687-3254
Instructor: Virginia G. Viacrusis
Subjects: Math / Reading

Imus Cavite Center
Address: Melta Bldg. Aguinaldo Hi-way Imus Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 471-7944
Instructor: Angela O. Dechitan
Subjects: Math / Reading

Kawit (Cavite) Center
Address: 2/F Heritage Bldg Ste. E, #122 Kaingen Kawit Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 484-7345
Instructor: Gingerie Red Ordoñez
Subjects: Math / Reading

Mendez Crossing (Tagaytay) Center
Address: 2F Unit 2 Gonzales Building, Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City
Contact Number: (046) 850-5458
Instructor: Analissa V. Rozul
Subjects: Math

Naic (Cavite) Center
Address: 3rd floor, Rosie's Mall Bldg. Capt. Nazareno St., Naic, Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 687-2677
Instructor: Ma. Tiffany T. Mendoza
Subjects: Math and Reading

Pag-asa - Molino Center
Address: Block 11, Lot 19/21, Unit 2 NRR Bldg. Avenida Rizal St., Phase 2-C, Bahayang Pag-asa Sub., Molino 5 Bacoor Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 517-2086
Instructor: Carolyn J. Basinillo
Subjects: Math / Reading

Silang (Cavite) Learning Center
Address: Unit 2-J/K, E.M. Commercial Complex, M.H. Del Pilar St. cor. V. Toledo St. Silang Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 414-2133
Instructor: Gina B. Ferino
Subjects: Math / Reading

Tanza (Cavite) Center
Address: 2nd Floor Annie's Plaza, A. Soriano Highway, Tanza, Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 481-9845
Instructor: Gemma O. Lim
Subjects: Math/Reading

10. Isabela

Cauayan Isabela Learning Center
Address: 3rd Floor C.U. Building, Maharlika Highway, Cauayan City 3305, Isabela
Contact Number: (078) 652-1744
Instructor: Marilyn A. Medina
Subjects: Math / Reading

Ilagan (Isabela) Center
Address: Unit 8 2nd Floor LSP Building Osmeña, Ilagan, Isabela
Contact Number: (078) 622-2122 / (078) 622-4385 / 0923-994-6307
Instructor: Aleli L. Magno
Subjects: Math

Santiago (Isabela) Center
Address: Units 1 - 4 Navarro Bldg. Maharlika Highway Santiago City Isabela
Contact Number: (078) 682-7423 / (928) 505-9327
Instructor: Lucille C. Lanceta
Subjects: Math / Reading

11. Laoag

Laoag City Center
Address: 2/F DLS-2 Bldg., Bonifacio cor. MV Fariñas Sts., Brgy. 9, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte 2900
Contact Number: (077) 770-4951
Instructor: Agnes Fidelis Gloria-Pinzon
Subjects: Math / Reading
26. Nueva Vizcaya

Bright Child (Bayombong) Center
Address: 2/F ZB Saddul Bldg. #2 National Rd, Sta. Rosa Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya
Contact Number: (078) 805-1800
Instructor: Maria Theresa S. Basilio
Subjects: Math / Reading

12. Quezon

Candelaria (Quezon) Center
Address: 3rd Level Leonardo Boongaling Commercial Complex, Rizal Street, Poblacion Candelaria, Quezon
Contact Number: (042) 741-2425
Instructor: Orange Lou Stuart
Subjects: Math/Reading

Gulang-Gulang (Lucena) Center
Address: Ground Floor Holistic Building Doña Aurora Blvd. Barangay Gulang-Gulang, Lucena City
Contact Number: (042) 795-8887 telefax
Instructor: Angelica Joyce Uy Sy
Subjects: Math

Lucena Study Center
Address: 2/F CAC Bldg. Granja cor Lagos St. Lucena City Quezon
Contact Number: (042) 710-6359 / (042) 710-9502 (fax)
Instructor: Belinda P. Cabral
Subjects: Math / Reading

13. Tuguegarao

Tuguegarao City Center
Address: 2/F CU Bldg. 14 Mabini St. Tuguegarao City 3500
Contact Number: (078) 844-7223
Instructor: Susan A. Carag
Subjects: Math / Reading

14. Baguio and Benguet

Baguio Study Center
Address: #36 A. Diego Silang St, Baguio City
Contact Number: (074) 619-2122 / (074) 442-8682
Instructor: Maria Luisa G. Perez
Subjects: Math / Reading

La Trinidad (Benguet) Center
Address: Room 206-208 Narda's Bldg. Km 5 National Highway La Trinidad Benguet
Contact Number: (074) 422-3993
Instructor: Francis Arthur L. De Jesus
Subjects: Math / Reading

15. Bicol

Legazpi City Center
Address: 2/F Moraleda Bldg. Rizal St. Legazpi City
Contact Number: (052) 480-6195
Instructor: Aireen I. Salazar
Subjects: Math / Reading

Naga City Self-Learning Center
Address: 2/F Mckay Building Panganiban Drive Naga City 4400
Contact Number: (054) 475-5086 / (054) 472-2099
Instructor: Margaux M. Santiago
Subjects: Math / Reading

16. Bulacan

Baliuag Bulacan Center
Address: 2/F Jusmag Bldg. Plaza Naning, Poblacion Baliuag Bulacan
Contact Number: (044) 673-4348
Instructor: Ricky S. Santos
Subjects: Math / Reading

Malolos City Study Center
Address: Unit 1 Caltex-Blas F. Ople Diversion Rd Bulihan City of Malolos, Bulacan 3000
Contact Number: (044) 662-4501 / (044) 805-0538
Instructor: Maria Victoria T. Munar
Subjects: Math / Reading

Marilao Center
Address: 2/F ONC Commercial Bldg. McArthur Highway, Ibayo Marilao Bulacan
Contact Number: (044) 768-8445
Instructor: Lorena S.J. Duque
Subjects: Math / Reading

Meycauayan Center
Address: Bo. Calvario Mc Arthur Highway Meycauayan Bulacan
Contact Number: (044) 840-5225
Instructor: Felicidad C. Cruz
Subjects: Math / Reading

Obando Learning Center
Address: 155 J.P. Rizal St. Pag-asa Obando Bulacan
Contact Number: (632) 293-1376
Instructor: Maricel R. Garcia
Subjects: Math / Reading
more details

Plaridel Learning Center
Address: Di AMond Road, Rockavillage II Tabang Plaridel Bulacan
Contact Number: (044) 795-0403
Instructor: Maria Rowena P. Padilla
Subjects: Math/Reading

San Jose Del Monte Center
Address: 2/F Umerez Properties Bldg., Quirino Highway, Tungkong Mangga City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan 3023
Contact Number: / (044) 893-1469 / (02) 668-2931
Instructor: Rita Luz A. Jimeno
Subjects: Math/Reading

Sta. Maria Center
Address: A&E Bldg. Gov. F. Halili Ave., Bagbaguin Sta. Maria Bulacan
Contact Number: (044) 641-2334
Instructor: Aida D.L. Cunanan
Subjects: Math/Reading

17. Cagayan de Oro

Alwana Village (CDO) Center
Address: Banyan Place, Alwana Village Cugman Cagayan de Oro City
Contact Number: (088) 309-4013
Instructor: Loreidel S. Sagun
Subjects: Math / Reading

Macasandig (Cagayan De Oro) Center
Address: ASR Borromeo Bldg. Tomas Saco cor 14th St, Macasandig Cagayan de Oro City
Contact Number: (8822) 71-4143 / (088) 857-3337
Instructor: Elaine M. Adecer
Subjects: Math / Reading

RN Pelaez (CDO) Center
Address: 2/F Promenade Building, RN Pelaez Blvd. cor National Highway, Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City 9000
Contact Number: (088) 858-4686
Instructor: Teresa Majella P. Raboca
Subjects: Math

Xavier Estates (CDO) Center
Address: Unit 1 Lorraine's Portico, Masterson Avenue, Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City
Contact Number: (088) 851-6542
Instructor: Jinky S. Labay
Subjects: Math

18. La Union

San Fernando (La Union) Center
Address: 97 Gapuz Zigzag Road San Fernando City La Union
Contact Number: (072) 700-2767
Instructor: Marites Gualberto Caloza
Subjects: Math / Reading

San Fernando (North) Center
Address: 3/F Northgate Square Carlatan San Fernando City La Union
Contact Number: (072) 888-5818
Instructor: Gilbert L. Caloza
Subjects: Math / Reading

19. Olongapo

Olongapo City Center
Address: #1 Magsaysay Drive, New Asinan, Olongapo City
Contact Number: (047) 224-2585
Instructor: Ma. Jesusa S. Seva
Subjects: Math / Reading

20. Pampanga

Angeles City Center
Address: Unit 5&6 Sto.Rosario cor. Catherine Sts. Angeles City Pampanga
Contact Number: (045) 625 4126
Instructor: Maribel P. Beltran
Subjects: Math / Reading

Balibago (Angeles) Center
Address: 2/F Room D, JEV Bldg., Clark-Rotonda, McArthur Highway Balibago Angeles City Pampanga
Contact Number: (045) 892-4625
Instructor: Ana Isabel S. Gosioco
Subjects: Math / Reading

Dolores (City of San Fernando) Center
Address: Unit 118 Queenslad Building Maligaya Village Dolores City of San Fernando Pampanga
Contact Number: (045) 436-0755
Instructor: Margaret Margie Z. Mercado
Subjects: Math / Reading

Poblacion (Guagua) Center
Address: 2F DTM Bldg., San Roque Guagua, Pampanga 2003
Contact Number: (045) 436-8301 / (0929) 825-4923
Instructor: Mary Doris B. Toledano
Subjects: Math

21. Rizal

Angono Center
Address: 3/F R. Fuentes Bldg., Tolentino St. cor Quezon Ave. Brgy., San Isidro Angono Rizal 1930
Contact Number: (632) 295-0670
Instructor: Ma. Cecile F. Robelo
Subjects: Math / Reading

Antipolo Center
Address: Unit T54-T58 3/F Emraud Square Plaza Circumferential Road, Brgy. San Jose Antipolo City Rizal
Contact Number: (632) 696-3069
Instructor: Carmelita R. Rodriguez
Subjects: Math / Reading

Banaba (San Mateo) Center
Address: 2/F Cabarrubias Bldg. 35 Gen. Antonio Luna cor. Batasan - San Mateo Road, Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal
Contact Number: (0917) 563-8181
Instructor: Alison Elaine Medrano Espedido
Subjects: Math / Reading

Cogeo Center
Address: Lot 9 Blk 52 G.S.I.S Avenue Cogeo, Antipolo City Antipolo City 1820
Contact Number: (632) 497-0472 / (632) 543-1939
Instructor: Noemi B. Tenorio
Subjects: Math/Reading

Masinag (Antipolo) Center
Address: 35 R. Magsaysay st., Parang, Marikina City
Contact Number: (632) 941-0473
Instructor: Maria Antonia Natividad P. Tenorio
Subjects: Math / Reading

Mind Works (Taytay) Center
Address: Manila East Road, Brgy. San Juan, Taytay, Rizal
Contact Number: (632) 660-5299
Instructor: Maria Liza J. Valenciano
Subjects: Math / Reading

Morong Center
Address: 058 T. Claudio St. Brgy. San Juan Morong Rizal
Contact Number: (632) 691-5582
Instructor: Dinah E. Pajarillo
Subjects: Math / Reading

Ortigas Royale - Cainta Center
Address: Ortigas Royale, Km. 19 Ortigas Avenue Ext., Brgy. San Juan Cainta Rizal
Contact Number: (632) 394-4541 / (632) 213-9269
Instructor: Rose Moonyeen C. Cazeñas
Subjects: Math / Reading

The Little Farm House Center
Address: #95 Beverly Hills Ave. Beverly Hills Subd Taytay Rizal
Contact Number: (632) 658-3489 / (632) 658-2968
Instructor: Juan Carlos O. Gutierrez
Subjects: Math / Reading
more details

Village East (Cainta) Center
Address: 2/F La Veronica Arellano Bldg. Felix Ave Cainta Rizal
Contact Number: (632) 655-7479
Instructor: Sarah Faye Q. Rocero
Subjects: Math / Reading

22. Vigan

Metro-Vigan Center
Address: Unit VII, 3/F Marinella Commercial Complex Govantes Dike, Zone V Bantay Ilocos Sur
Contact Number: (077) 722-8734
Instructor: Floremin A. Reolalas
Subjects: Math / Reading

Visayas Kumon Learning Center

1. Aklan

Kalibo (Aklan) Center
Address: 2nd Floor Garcia Building C. Laserna Street, Kalibo Aklan 5600
Contact Number: (036) 268-2918
Instructor: Pamela S. Reynaldo
Subjects: Math / Reading

2. Bohol

JA Clarin (Tagbilaran) Center
Address: Across New City Hall J.A. Clarin St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Contact Number: (0917) 634-4141
Instructor: Nicole Marie N. Du
Subjects: Math

3. Dumaguete

Dumaguete Learning Center
Address: Dao cor Molave St, Daro Dumaguete City
Contact Number: (035) 422-0808 / (035) 225-5745
Instructor: Geralyn L. Chiu
Subjects: Math / Reading

4. Iloilo

Potential Builders Center
Address: Rm. 208-209 Adelina Bldg. cor Jalandoni & Gen. Luna St. Iloilo City
Contact Number: (033) 337-9527
Instructor: Ma. Felisa B. Avila
Subjects: Math / Reading

5. Ormoc

Ormoc City Center
Address: 2nd Floor, Yuvallos Bldg., Purok Waling-Waling, Punta, Ormoc City
Contact Number: (053) 255-4369 / (053) 561-8413
Instructor: Aileen Suarez Aviles
Subjects: Math / Reading

6. Sorsogon

Sorsogon City Center
Address: 3rd Flr Monje Bldg., corner Rizal & Peralta Sts. Polvorista Sorsogon City
Contact Number: (056) 211-4720
Instructor: Bella S. Tubianosa
Subjects: Math and Reading

7. Bacolod

A Child's Place Center
Address: Atis St, Capitol Subd., Bacolod City
Contact Number: (034) 433-6440
Instructor: Manuel Francis G. Golez
Subjects: Math / Reading

The Woodbridge Academy-Bacolod
Address: #5, 23rd St, Capitol Subdivision, Bacolod City
Contact Number: (034) 433-3851
Instructor: Maricar P. Lagansua
Subjects: Math / Reading

8. Palawan

Puerto Princesa Center
Address: #43 Fernandez St., Puerto Princesa City Palawan
Contact Number: (048) 433-3634
Instructor: Maria Justina A. Timbancaya
Subjects: Math / Reading

9. Cebu

A.S. Fortuna (Mandaue) Center
Address: 2nd Floor, AGMD Building, A.S. Fortuna St. Banilad Mandaue City Cebu
Contact Number: (032) 422-3134 / (032) 5811448
Instructor: Cindy C. Alivio
Subjects: Math / Reading

Banilad (Cebu) Center
Address: GINZA Compound Old Banilad Rd. Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 231-1791 / (032) 416-2303
Instructor: Joan Y. Tiu
Subjects: Math / Reading

Consolacion Cebu Center
Address: Unit 201 MGM Bldg. National Highway, Consolacion Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 564-3133
Instructor: Mariel D. Villarete
Subjects: Math

Escario St. (Cebu) Center
Address: Unit I-A Capitol Centrum Bldg. cor Escario, Barangay Capitol Cebu City 6000
Contact Number: (032) 253-9919
Instructor: Cheryl R. Guinto
Subjects: Math / Reading

Global Village (Mabolo) Center
Address: Global Village International Learning Centers, Pres. Roxas St., Kasambagan, Mabolo, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 416-8333 / 0999-301-3751
Instructor: Desiree C. Lim
Subjects: Math / Reading

Gun-ob (Lapu-Lapu) Center
Address: Paseo de Amores, S. Osmeña Street, Gun-ob, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu 6015
Contact Number: (32) 512-0009
Instructor: Jacinth T. Amores
Subjects: Math / Reading

P. Del Rosario Ext. Center
Address: Unit 102, JDC Building, J. Alcantara St. (formerly P. Del Rosario Ext.), across Sambag 1st St, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 418-1553
Instructor: Ella Martine F. Ocubillo
Subjects: Math

Punta Princesa (Labangon) Center
Address: Door 3 Pefeevar Building, 310 F. Llamas Street, Punta Princesa, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 318-6631
Instructor: Catherine P. Matig-a
Subjects: Math

Talamban (Cebu) Center
Address: WC Commercial Complex, Miñoza Street, Talamban, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 316-3332
Instructor: Rachel N. Balbin
Subjects: Math / Reading

Talisay City Center
Address: Rm 105 Deiparine Bldg. Bulacao Talisay City Cebu
Contact Number: (032) 491-8190 / (032) 234-2614
Instructor: Joy B. Redoble
Subjects: Math / Reading

10. Tacloban

Tacloban Center
Address: #164 Avenida Veteranos Tacloban City
Contact Number: (053) 327-7206 / (053) 321-6771
Instructor: Irene D. Rempilio
Subjects: Math / Reading

Mindanao Kumon Learning Center

1. Sultan Kudarat

Tacurong City Center
Address: Door 1 A&B, Notre Dame Centrum II, National Hi-Way, Tacutong City
Contact Number: (064) 200 6606
Instructor: Vicel Jane T. Fresco
Subjects: Math

2. Butuan

Butuan City Center
Address: J.C. Aquino Ave. cor Ochoa Ave. Butuan City
Contact Number: (085) 341-8675
Instructor: Lourdes Joanna R. Pariñas
Subjects: Math / Reading

3. Cotabato

Koronadal Center
Address: Ground Floor RVO Bldg. Alunan Avenue Koronodal City South Cotabato
Contact Number: (083) 228-8295
Instructor: Aileen B. Durana
Subjects: Math / Reading

4. Zamboanga

Zamboanga City Center
Address: 3/F Jasmin Tower Mayor Jaldon cor Buenavista St. Zamboanga City
Contact Number: (062) 991-9581
Instructor: Rowena D. Tan
Subjects: Math / Reading

5. Bukidnon

Malaybalay City Center
Address: San Isidro cor. Moreno Streets Malaybalay City Bukidnon
Contact Number: (088) 221-2472
Instructor: Marites Corazon K. Llacer
Subjects: Math/Reading

Valencia City Center
Address: 2/F NVM Mall, Poblacion, Valencia City Bukidnon
Contact Number: (088) 222-2112
Instructor: Laarni L. Roque
Subjects: Math

6. Davao

Bajada Center
Address: Unit 4, 3rd Floor Bajada 88 Building, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Contact Number: (082) 286-7997
Instructor: Karen M. Ruperto
Subjects: Math

Barrio Obrero Center
Address: 2/F Centillion Bldg. 544 Lacson St, Barrio Obrero Davao City
Contact Number: (082) 300-0078 / (082) 286-2186 / (082) 297-7770 (fax)
Instructor: Elmelita G. Herrera
Subjects: Math / Reading

GCL (Quirino) Center
Address: Rm. 301 GCL Bldg. #110 E. Quirino Ave Davao City
Contact Number: (082) 221-2058 / (082) 286-2186 / (082) 297-7770 (fax)
Instructor: Elizabeth T. Go
Subjects: Math / Reading

Ma-a Center
Address: 2A JRDC Building, Km 4 Springvalley Village, Ma-a, Davao City
Contact Number: (082) 286-8622
Instructor: Fritzie Lepiten
Subjects: Math

Ma-a Center
Address: 2A JRDC Building, Km 4 Springvalley Village, Ma-a, Davao City
Contact Number: (082) 286-8622
Instructor: Fritzie P. Lepiten
Subjects: Math

Matina Center
Address: 2nd Floor Goldcrest Bldg., (Davao Golden Hardware, Inc.), Km 3, McArthur Hi-way, Matina, Davao City
Contact Number: (082) 299-3831 / (082) 286-2186 / (082) 297-7770 (Fax)
Instructor: Ma. Joy T. Go
Subjects: Math / Reading

7. General Santos

General Santos City Center
Address: Unit 3 Lourdes Llido Bldg Catolico Ave General Santos City
Contact Number: (083) 552-9273
Instructor: Rosemarie M. Gosioco
Subjects: Math / Reading

8. Surigao

Surigao City Center
Address: 2nd Floor F.B.E. Bldg., Rizal St., Surigao City 8400 8400
Contact Number: (086) 826-6051
Instructor: Jo Luisa C. Valencia
Subjects: Math

9. Zamboanga del Sur

San Francisco (Pagadian) Center
Address: 1st Floor, MAB, Pagadian City Medical Center, Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur
Contact Number: 0920-922-0575 / 0922-865-0184 / (062) 925-0526
Instructor: Aileen G. Hidalgo
Subjects: Math / Reading

10. Davao del Norte

Mabini (Tagum) Center
Address: Door 5 and 6, Prescilla Building, Mabini St., Tagum City, Davao Del Norte
Contact Number: (082) 400-5526
Instructor: Jane H. Doce
Subjects: Math

11. Iligan

Iligan Learning Center
Address: #18-B De Leon St., Iligan City
Contact Number: (063) 223-0186
Instructor: Grace Concepcion L. Quijano
Subjects: Math / Reading

12. Misamis Occidental

Ozamiz Center
Address: G/F Casa Esperanza, Don Anselmo Bernad Avenue, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental
Contact Number: (088) 521-0312
Instructor: Jennifer C. Liong
Subjects: Math / Reading


yort said...

Kumon not only change your child it will change your lifestyle as well. It always involve parent-child teamwork. My son is in Grade 1 now, he started last March 2011 at 4A ( 4yrs below his normal age) yet in 11 months time he accelerated 9 levels and is starting in level F (Four operations). He also started Kumon Reading October of last from 3A and is now starting D1. If you are really serious about Kumon you have to prepare the big changes and challenges in life.

Marian Smith said...

Thanks for sharing, We tried the MSA tutorial center and it went well. I'm looking for know center where my child improves her ability. I'll consider Kumon for my choices.

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